NEKK Europe Ltd. is a member of:
Trace Elements Authorisation Consortium (TREAC, www.fefana.org);
EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and Their Mixtures (FEFANA, www.fefana.org);
REACH Copper Compound Consortium (www.coppercompoundconsortium.eu);
British Association of Feed Supplement and Additives Manufacturers (BAFSAM, www.bafsam.org.uk).


Licenses and Certificates:
NEKK Europe Ltd. is registered in Great Britain under No. 6569674, VAT registration number is GB 936 8262 92 and has international certificates:
FEMAS No. 43854, 09.02.2007, valid till 21.01.2019.


NEKK OJSC production site is certified in compliance with EEC standards, as indicated by the following:
HACCP certificate No. HACCP RU.001.2.F.0037 No. 01038, valid till 24.02.2019;
FAMI-QS Certificate-Registration No. 12 027 44158 TMS, valid till 30.09.2018;
US FDA Certificate-Registration No.  185 415 476 98, valid till 31.12.2017;
NEKK’s production is registered in compliance with EEC REACH legislation No. 01-2119520566-40-0018.