Packing and transportation of the product

All rail, marine and motor transport used for delivery of the product meet the requirements for hazardous cargo shipment.

Safe transportation and delivery are run with all necessary permit documents:

  • safety data sheet registered with RPB Code (Code of Safety Data Registration List) No. 12601934.21.17181

  • safety cards for motor transportation

  • ADR-Training Certificate for motor transport;

  • multimodal danger cargo declarations regulating copper (II) sulphate transportation in multipurpose marine cargo containers

  • Russian Railways OJSC approvals for transportation of hazardous commodities under special terms

  • certificates of origin (form A, form ST-1, form ST-2, general form)


The products are packaged in special containers certified in accordance with the U.N.O. regulations for storing and transportation of hazardous commodities:

  • polyethylene box-type bags with loading valves, net weighting 25 kilos. The bags are certified for transportation of hazardous commodities.

  • 4-layer laminated paper bags, net weighting 25 kilos and 50 pounds. The bags are certified for transportation of hazardous commodities.

  • laminated polypropylene ‘big bag’ containers with loading and unloading valves, 4-strap MKR-1,1 LC-1,0 PP-V/180H105, certified for transportation of hazardous commodities, net weighting 1000 kilos and 1250 kilos.

  • 42 bags with copper sulphate weighting 25 kilos are laid on wooden trays of size 1200 x 800 mm and of size 1200 х 1000 mm. The whole net weight is 1050 kilos.


Guaranteed 2 year retention cycle.

Coppers sulphate for export contracts is shipped with lots net weighting not less than 20 tons.

Storing in covered storage rooms is required.